Meet Our Team

At Bryce Fastener, we're a smaller team that thinks big. We've managed to create some of the world's leading security fastener innovations and creations by sticking together and being self-invested to continue leading the way in the industry. 

We are proud of what we accomplished and we couldn't do it without our team. Each member is multi-faceted and plays an integral part in our success. We thought with our first blog post, we'd recognize each one of our team members, and mention a little about how they play a part in each Stykfit 7 screw. 

Bryce Campbell | Owner

Everything starts with the man Bryce himself. Bryce started his venture into security fasteners first as a general fastener distributor until he saw an opportunity to become a manufacturer. Bryce shut down his Seattle-based business, and moved to Arizona where the first Bryce security fasteners were made and still are to this day. Bryce developed each of our signature products and still decades later he's contributing to our everyday operations.

Dean Nelson | Logistics Manager

If you ever find yourself running out of clever things to say, spend some time around Mr. Dean. Everyday it seems to be something new without losing the charm. While he doesn't admit it, Dean is a saint when it comes to keeping things going steady with orders coming in and going out. While we're glad that he's with us, we're excited for him to find his house on the lake up North so he can just kick back and relax and watch the water roll in. 

Gilbert ?  | Tool Headerman

Gilbert (AKA Papa Georgio) is the primary headerman when it comes to making  the smaller sized bits for our screws. There's a lot of precision involved in the process and nobody does it better then Papa Georgio. Gilbert's the perfect wingman because he fits in everywhere, and knows how to have a good time even in the worst of situations. 

Jordan Mack | ???

Jordan came in to the company with zero experience in security fasteners and the manufacturing of them. Originally meant to be a grunt, he eventually convinced Bryce that his 2 year degree in Graphic Design wasn't a complete joke, and lends his hand in random design work here and there. More often though he's found assisting Doug & Brian with sales, or packing order's with Dean, or applying our Brykote protective coating to customer orders. More than anything we haven't really figured out what to with him yet. 

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