Why Screwd® is More Secure Than the Rest.

The truth is that the majority of security fasteners out on the market just don't keep things secure. 

Here's why.

Mass-Produced Bits


Patent protections for the majority of security fasteners have expired and it's difficult to regulate what international producers are making even if patent protections are current. This makes a bit set such as this 100 piece one very easy to attain for the average person. You can acquire bits to about every commonly used security fastener (Torx®-Pin, Hex-Pin, Tri-Wing, Robertson, Spanner, etc) for around $10.00. 

Screwd® bits can only be acquired though our website. Potential thieves won't be able to run down to the hardware store to acquire them, and the design can't be duplicated by other manufacturers. 






Poor Design  

There have been dozens of security fastener designs over the years, but most designs consists of two key components. Either a unique drive that doesn't work with standard bits, or a pin placed in the center of the screw to keep out standard bits. Both methods have worked well in the past, but they have long needed innovation.

Screwd® security drives improve upon both of these concepts. Our drives come from a library of over 50 billion different keyways (drives) and no two are the same. This means that our drives can't be replicated nor can they be removed with other security bits. In addition, our designs allow for a considerably larger center pin that is more resistant to damage and tampering than the smaller ones often found in other security fasteners. 





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